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Gutsy invited to pitch in SHINE, a Creative Finland event

Business Finland and Creative Finland organise Finland’s pioneering event in an attempt to increase partnerships across creative industries.

The event is directed at audiovisual, gaming, XR, literary and music industry companies, as well as professionals who are interested in creating viable and new products utilising the expertise of different industries.

Gutsy was invited to pitch its upcoming drama series L/Over, which is being commissioned by MTV Finland and CMore.

L/Over is a 8 part relationship mystery which delves into the formation of coercive control in a relationship. The story is global but has strong roots in Finland, which is the second most violent country in Europe for women. Gutsy aims to increase awareness of this type of violence but wants to proactively initiate social change ground up.

For more information about the production, please contact:

Alisha Hasan

Marketing manager


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