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Marion Edwards appointed as Managing Director of Gutsy Animations UK

Marion Edwards has been appointed as Managing Director of Gutsy Animations’ UK studio arm, based in Bristol. Marion originally joined as a consultant and has been running the UK studio in that capacity since 2018, becoming an integral part of the global Gutsy team. Gutsy Animations' creative and administrative work is divided into two offices based in Helsinki and Bristol, but due to the current need for remote working wherever possible - the closely aligned staff continues to collaborate across several different cities, countries and even continents.

Marika Makaroff said:

"Marion continues in an even more essential part of Gutsy Animations since joining us as a consultant in 2018, and her promotion to Managing Director of our UK operations is a natural evolution of our collaboration. Marion is a consummate professional and strong leader who is a pivotal part of our international team."

Marion Edwards said:

"I've loved consulting for Gutsy over the past two years and therefore jumped at the chance to join the team permanently. It feels like a very natural fit - I very much admire the company ethos and am in awe of the stunning work produced by our creative team in Bristol. Hopefully my experience overseeing large-scale international co-productions will prove useful as we move forward with our ambitious development plans. This is going to be really exciting. And lots of fun!!"


Marion Edwards is an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer with many years’ experience working on large-scale animation productions. Prior to joining the Moominvalley production team, Edwards ran European TV production for DreamWorks Animation for two years and global production for Mattel (HIT Entertainment) for six years. Edwards has received two BAFTA nominations, won Best Animated Special at the Annecy International Festival and won Best Pre-School Series at Cartoons on the Bay.


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