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We are happy to announce the first air dates for Moominvalley Season 2:

Sky Kids and Sky One (UK): Moominvalley S2 – Available 21 December 2019 NHK BS4K (JPN): Season 2 launches on Jan 9, 2020 Yle TV2, Yle Fem and Yle Areena (FIN): Season 2 launches on March 2, 2020

The first season of Moominvalley was received super positively in its home country: the series attracted over 1,38 Million Finns during its first 4 days after premier, and has become the most watched show ever on Yle Areena VOD platform in Finland. Sky in the UK also saw similar success: Moominvalley was the second most downloaded box set in its launch week, right behind Game of Thrones. To date, Moominvalley has been sold to over 25 territories and it has received several festival and competition nominations. In October 2019 Moominvalley was awarded at TBI Content Innovation Awards as The Best Animated Kids Programme.


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