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NHK announces the Japanese cast for the Moominvalley series!

Meet the voice actors of the Moominvalley series in four languages!

Moominvalley (Moomin Dani No Nakamatachi) premieres in Japan on NHK’s BS4K channel on Thursday, April 4.

Air times: Thursdays 7:30 pm Sundays 10:45 am (rerun) Thursdays 9:30 am (rerun)

Moominvalley premieres in the UK on Sky One and Sky Kids on Friday, April 19 2019.

Moominvalley currently airing in Finland on Yle TV2 on Mondays at 20.00, on Yle Fem on Tuesdays at 17.25. Aired episodes available on Yle Areena.


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