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How it all started...

In 2017 Gutsy Animations organised a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo’s platform in order to raise funds towards the Moominvalley series’ visual development.


The campaign was organised in the beginning of the series’ production and brought 3 701 Moomin fans together to back the series with $253 230 USD, exceeding the original goal of $200 000 USD. With the help of the backers, a distinct visual design in 3D CGI was able to be created.

Behind the scenes

Behind Moominvalley there are hundreds of professionals in animation, music, voice acting, visual storytelling, sales, marketing and production to name a few. The talented team is located in two different continents and three different countries.


The world of Moominvalley animation consists of 80 different sets, 13(!) different seasons, and 48 different characters (season 1). The incredible stories are based on Tove and Lars Janssons’ original work – books, comics, and art.

More making of - material coming soon!

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