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Moominvalley is an International Emmy® Kids Awards' nominee 2020

International Emmy® Kids Awards nominees were revealed

Image credits: International Emmy® Kids Awards

New York, September 10, 2020 – Nominations for the International Emmy® Kids Awards were announced today by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. There are 12 Nominees in 3 categories. (Full list of Nominees follows this release). This is the second time this year that the Academy has presented Kids Emmys; the accelerated schedule is due to various factors related to the Covid-19 virus. This presentation will be made during Mipcom Online +.

Nominations span 10 countries: Australia, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

“The geographic spread and variety of themes addressed in these nominated programs demonstrate the buoyancy and quality of children’s television throughout the world,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “We congratulate the Nominees for their outstanding talent and for setting the standard of excellence we expect for young viewers worldwide.”

International Emmy® Kids Awards presenting partners are: Ernst & Young, MIPJunior and TV Kids.

Winners will receive their award during an online ceremony on Wednesday October 14, 2020. All these programs were broadcast between January 1 and December 31, 2019; in accordance with the competition’s eligibility period.

Kids: Animation

Ico Bit Zip

National Geographic / Copa Studio


In Ico Bit Zip, Ico and her friends are beings living in the Cloud and working in an internet search tool, the Bit Zip. They have to find out answers for the most complex questions – after all, “no results found” is something inadmissible!

Oddbods – Season 3

One Animation Pte Ltd


The Oddbods are back… again! Watch 7 friends survive the perils of everyday life, where ordinary situations spiral into extraordinary events.


Gutsy Animations


The star of the show, curious and idealistic Moomintroll with his extraordinary family and whimsical friends take us to an adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley. Most of the episodes will center on the Moominhouse and valley, an idyllic place entirely untouched by the modern world. Sometimes they will venture beyond the valley into the vast wilderness, huge dark forests, mysterious distant islands and lonely perilous mountains.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Lupus Films

United Kingdom

A mysterious tiger turns up unannounced and invites himself in for afternoon tea. Young Sophie and her mommy watch in fascination as the tiger proceeds to eat not only their tea, but the entire contents of the fridge and everything else in the house!

Kids: Factual & Entertainment

Opa Popa Dupa

Nat Geo Kids / Estudios Telemexico


Earth, air, planets, forests, oceans, seasons, science, flora and fauna. All these are told by a Youtuber gorilla, a rock-star flower, a smug-actor lion. Does it make sense at all? Probably not. What if we add a monkey who loves to make jokes, a police condor and an allergic elephant? Now, does it make sense? And besides that, we also add Eco and Nube, two Nat Geo explorers, it makes Opa Popa Dupa, a puppet show to educate by entertaining.

Världens Hemskaste Sjukdomar (World’s Worst Diseases)

Delta Studios


Plague, cholera and TBC – through history, humanity has been affected by horrible, contagious and sometimes deadly diseases. In this kids show you’re brought along on a historical journey where two guinea pigs try out the worst pestilence to hit Sweden, before we vote for The World’s Worst Disease.

Finding My Family: Holocaust – A Newsround Special

BBC Children’s In-House Productions / CBBC

United Kingdom

“For you it’s history… for me it’s life”. These are the words of Holocaust survivor Steven Frank, as he takes his teenage granddaughter to Auschwitz to learn about his experiences during the Holocaust. This film shows children the horrors of this time in history, with the message that we must never forget.

My Notebooks – Seven Years of Tiny Great Adventures



From 3rd to 9th grade, Asuka Umeda has been writing Self-Learning notebooks. This independent study started as a homework assignment, but soon became a joyous hobby, taking him to new places where he encountered special people. The notebooks have broadened his horizons, while also building his sense of self-esteem.

Kids: Live-Action

Juacas – Season 2

The Walt Disney Company Latin America / Cinefilm Brazil


In Season 2, the trio is separated after an ugly defeat in Nationals. Following Professor Juaca’s advice, they reconciliate, but where is Jojó? Probably helping on his family’s farm. Now, the trio will have to deal not only with their own dilemmas, but face their old “rivals” Sirenas, Red Sharks, and the new team: Carpe Diem. However, they aren’t the only ones going through new challenges. Sirenas hs a new member: Nanda, who is a bit selfish and is more interested in winning Billy’s heart. Leilane and Vivi need to resolve their differences by balancing sponsor demands with training. Red Sharks are quite different with the arrival of a mysterious new coach with unconventional techniques who encourages the best of Mahla, Seba and Minhoca instead of internal competition. Summer is even tougher!


Northern Pictures


When Mikey moves from New Zealand to Western Sydney, he finds himself in the thick of the ultra-competitive schoolyard game of handball. After saving a kid on the playground from a wayward ball and finding he has the most powerful strike in the world, Mikey is befriended by Jerry and Salwa, who join forces to train him to become a handball weapon of precision and skill equipped to topple resident king of the court, Tiffany, and take home the western suburbs handball crown… if only he could make the ball land in the right suburb! Can Mikey go from zero to hero, in the quest to be the best in the west?

Dropje (Doopie)

NTR Television / Submarine


It’s not a boy, it’s not a girl, it’s not a stuffed animal, it’s just Doopie.

Extraordinary You


South Korea

Extraordinary You is a fantasy romance drama about Dan-oh and Ha-ru, who one day find out that they are unimportant characters of a cartoon! A ‘minor role’ character Dan-oh has a crush on Har, who is in the ‘extra’ cast. They must change the storyline to make their relationship work out!


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