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The Moominvalley animation series illustrate Arabia’s mugs

The animated Moominvalley series now illustrate Arabia’s new special series mugs. The Fire Spirit and Moominmamma’s Mural are magical illustrations and complete the Moominvalley mugs that were launched in 2019.

Moomins walking on stilts

The ominous Snufkin and the Fire Spirit is a magical illustration on the mug. It features familiar characters walking on stilts: Moomintroll, Snufkin, Snorkmaiden and Sniff. They face a dangerous mission: a volcanic eruption threatens Moominvalley and Moomintroll must help Snufkin return the tiny Fire spirit back to the depths of the volcano.

Moominmamma’s homesickness

The summery Moominmamma’s Mural features an illustration from an episode in which Moominmamma, suffering from homesickness, finds a creative way to travel back to Moominvalley. However, she is overcome by a magical mural and must fight to find her way back to her family.

A new interpretation of Tove Jansson’s artwork

Stylistically, the Moominvalley mugs differ from Arabia and Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, because they are based on a 3D animated series. In 2019, we witnessed the release of The Last Dragon in the World, The Golden Tale, Night of the Groke and Midwinter Ancestor. The new releases for 2020 are The Fire Spirit and Moominmamma’s Mural.

The animated series, the most watched series of all time on Finnish national broadcaster Yle, has offered a new interpretation of Tove Jansson’s artistic work. The commended 3D visual adaptation brings the characters closer to viewers. In March, the Moominvalley animated series won the ‘Best Children’s Series’ award at the British Animation Awards.

Moominmamma’s Mural mug, 0.3 L, €24.90 The Fire Spirit mug, 0.3 L, €24.90

Limited availability from 1 June 2020 until the end of the year.


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